Toasted spanish bread with garlic and tomato. 4.5


Marinated anchovies with piquillo peppers and green olives 6.75
Deep fried Padrón peppers with coarse sea salt. 6.75
Old and young manchego with quince paste. 11.5
Fritter of bacalao, lemon and chili. p.s. 3
Eggplant crisps with coarse sea salt and maple syrup. 7.75
Toast with brined foie gras and anchovies. 15.75
Toast with goat cheese and marinated broad beans. 9.5
Homemade fries with chorizo and scrambled eggs. 12
Croquette made of Pata Negra. p.s. 3
Patatas bravas. 6.5
Platter of sliced Bellota (Pata Negra). 18
Tortilla of potato, onion and aioli. 7.5
Mojama (Wind-dried tuna) served with orange, sweet and sour onion, little gem and almonds. 12.75
Slow-cooked Iberico pork cheek served with vinaigrette of citrus and smoked eel. 11.5
Deep fried fish served with lemon and aoili. 13.5
Pulpo alla Gallega, octopus with potato and smoked paprika. 17
Classic meatballs with tomato sauce. 11.75
Open omelet with seasonal mushrooms and truffle. 15.5
Sweetbread with cream of leek, broad beans and grapes. 15
Cannelloni of chicken, morels and fresh truffle. 15.25
Beef tenderloin of Rubia Gallega. 22.5
Filet of Cod, Pisto made of eggplant, crunchy Iberico and garlic. 16.5
Cooked foie gras served with stewed shallots and sauce made of PX. 14.25
Morcilla served with quail egg and marmelade made of piquillopeppers. 10
Razor clams with Pata Negra, chili and broad beans. 13.25
Brioche with Txistorra (Baskic sausage), aioli and marmelade made of Piquillo. 9.75
Gambas in garlic oil, white wine and parsley. 16.5
White asparagus with Romesco and wild garlic. 14


Crema Catalana 7.5
Strawberry cheesecake with red Jalapeño 7.5
Ice Cream made of Pata Negra served with caramel. p.b. 3
Tocino de cielo with a marmelade made of tomato. 4

Coffee/ Tea.

Café solo. 2.5
Americano. 3
Double espresso. 4
Cortado. 3
Café con leche. 3.25
Café carajillo. 3.75
Café con hielo. 3.25
Tea (lady gray, jasmine or lemongrass). p/p 3.75

Vermouth / Sherry / Distilled.

Please ask our staff for our extended assortment of Vermouth and Sherry.

We also serve a beautiful selection of spirits en liquors, do not expect Disaronno and Bacardi on our shelves, but beautiful brands like, Berta, Diplomatico and Ximénez Spínola.