Berta aan tafel

Berta aan tafel is opened from Wednesday till Sunday. You can lunch with us from 12:00 till 16:00. Diner is served from 16:30 till 23:00. Reservations can be made via the button in the right corner below.


Crystal bread with tomato and garlic and aioli 4.75


Jamon 100% Bellota 19


Tomato salad with sweet and sour onion, anchovies and black olive 9.75


Manchego 11.5


Baked Feta on Brioche with eggplant and caramelized onion 9.50


Homemade potato chips with pickled anchovies (Bocquerones en vinger) and green olives 8.5


Tortilla of confit potato and onion with aioli 10


Baked seasonal mushrooms with roasted garlic and egg yolk 13.75


Toast with pickled foie gras and salted anchovies 15.75


Carpaccio of raw marinated wild shrimp with chorizo foam 14.75


3 Homemade croquettes.

(ham, chicken and shrimp with mushroom) 9.75


Deep fried aubergine fritter with thyme, rosemary and Miel de cañon 8.25

Salad of Mojama (wind dried tuna), artichoke, silver onion and almond 12.75


Secreto Iberico with saffron and anchovy vinaigrette 18


Fried duck liver on brioche with caramelized onion, cinnamon and PX 17.5


Beef tartare with quail egg yolk 16

Shells of the day 19


Gamba from the plancha 4.50 p.p.



Paella with fish, shellfish and crustaceans 34


Black rice with scallops, baby squid and aioli 36

Berta’s paella with chicken and chorizo 31




Basque cake with vanilla ice cream.


Mousse 43 with red berries and sesame crumble 7.5


Marinated brioche with plum ice cream and Olorosso caramel 8.25


Ice cream of the day 3

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