bar berta

Bar Berta is opened from Thursday till Monday. You can lunch with us from 12:00 till 16:00. Diner is served in shifts from 16:30 till 19:30 and 20:00 till 23:00. Reservations can be made via the button in the right corner below.


Toasted crystal bread with garlic and tomato 6


Brioche with goatcheese, stewed shallots and sherry vinegar  

and tomato  14.50

Bomba picante (potato, minced meat, spicy sauce and aioli) 5

Marinated anchovies with chilipepper and chervil 6.75

Deepfried Padron peppers with coarse sea salt 6.75

Old and young manchego with quince paste 11.5

Croquette made of Pata Negra (3 pieces) 9.75

Fritter of bacalao, lemon and chili (3 pieces) 9.75

Platter of sliced Bellota (Pata Negra) 18.5

Deepfried fish of the day                Dagprijs                    

Shells of the day                               Dagprijs

Morcilla served with quail egg and marmelade

made of pequillopeppers 13.25

Razorclams with pata negra, chili pepper

and broad beans 14.25

Fries with chorizo and egg 16.50

Auberginechips with coarse sea salt and Maple syrup 7.75

Toast with pickled foie gras and anchovies 15.75

Patatas bravas 6.5

Brioche with Txistorra (Baskic sausage), aioli

and marmelade made of pequillo pepper 12.50

Tortilla a-la-minute made of potato, onion and egg 10

Mojama (wind-dried tuna) with orange,

Sweet and sour onion, little gem en almonds. 13.5

Slow-cooked Iberico pork cheek with vinaigrette

of citrus and smoked eel. 13.5

Pulpo alla Gallega, octopus with potato 

and smoked paprika 16.5

Classic meatballs with tomato sauce (5 pieces) 14.75

Open omelet with artichokes and lard. 15.5

Sweetbread with stewed pear, pecan nuts and sauce of PX  17.25

Grilled tuna with vinaigrette of paprika, pimiento and smoked olive oil. 16.75

Ribeye of Rubia Gallega with Jus de veau. 28.5

Gamba’s in garlic oil, white wine and parsley. 16.5

Cooked foie gras served with stewed shallots and sauce of PX 14.75

Fresh artichokes served with Salsa Romesco 12.75


Crema Catalana 7.5

Baskic cheesecake 7.5

Ice cream made of Pata Negra and maple syrup 4.75

Chocolate bomba with marmelade of Rioja cranberry 7.5

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